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General Enquiry and Feedback

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Programme-related enquiry

If students have any questions about course registration, class schedules, course materials, assignment submission etc., you are most welcome to contact the programme staff directly. Their contact information should be available in the information pack distributed to you after admission.

If you do not have their contact details, you may send your enquiry to enquiry@hkuspace.hku.hk. Our staff will direct your enquiry to the most relevant staff member.

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Communication and Feedback

HKU SPACE views effective communication with students one of its top priorities. Feedback from students is highly valued and plays an important role in the process of monitoring as well as improving the quality of the programmes and services offered by the School.

There are various formal and informal means of communication for students to channel their feedback to the School and to assist in the quality assurance process. All cases are handled in strict confidence and will not affect the students' assessment results in any way.

  1. Learning / Teaching Experience Survey

    A Learning Experience Survey is normally conducted towards the end of each module taught in the programme. Students are invited to complete a questionnaire on various aspects, including module content, teaching effectiveness and the standard of teaching support facilities and services.

    A Teaching Experience Survey seeks comments and suggestions from teachers about the programme and related support services.

    Feedback is also collected by way of telephone surveys and class visits. Comments are conveyed to relevant staff in HKU SPACE for improvement of programmes, facilities and other support services.

  2. Student Representation in Academic Committees

    An Academic Committee is set up for each award-bearing programme at certificate level or above and meets at least once a year. The Committee concerns itself with the academic standard of the programme and the quality of the teaching and learning process. The membership of the Committee includes student and teacher representatives.

  3. College and School Complaints Committee

    Students are welcome to send their comments, related to satisfaction or dissatisfaction in writing to the relevant Programme Leader or the Quality Assurance Team. All correspondence will be attended to promptly and will be presented to the College and/or School Complaints Committees where appropriate. Membership of the Committees includes student representatives.

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Online Feedback Form for Students

If you have any comments, compliments or complaints about our programmes or services, the first point of contact should be the Programme Leader of your programme. If you do not have the contact details, you are also welcome to convey your feedback or complaints to the Quality Assurance Team by completing the Online Feedback Form for Students below. You will get an acknowledgement and your case will be passed to and handled by relevant staff. You will be notified of the result as soon as possible.

Form for Students

To facilitate our handling of and response to your comment, please provide your real name, contact details and course enrolled in the form.

This step helps prevent improper use of automated programs.

Validation code
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Please enter the characters as it is shown in the box above. You can refresh if you cannot see the characters clearly.

Personal data provided as part of the feedback will be solely used by our staff for handling the feedback. All cases will be handled in strict confidence and will not affect the students' assessment results in any way.

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