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Student Handbook for Part-Time Programmes
This on-line Student Handbook for Part-time Programmes provides the basic information about the School, the key regulations, policies and procedures to which students need to refer during their course of study and the student services and facilities available in the School. It should be stressed that this Handbook contains information current as of its date of publication. As changes may have taken place since then, readers are advised to check directly with the offices concerned regarding any information given. This Handbook does not form part of a contract between the student and the School. The School reserves the right to amend the content of the Handbook without prior notice and the final interpretation of the rules and regulations lies with the School.

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Learner's General Information
The School provides comprehensive support for our learners. Learners may find the details of these services in this section, including class schedule, transcripts, e-learning support, updating personal information and so on. For other enquiries, learners are welcome to call or visit our Enrolment Centres.

Students should note that while their views will be taken into account, the School, in order to maintain academic integrity, reserves the final right of decision in academic matters, particularly in terms of the curriculum, assessment and management of teaching arrangements. The School also has expectations of student behaviour in its learning centres, such that students will act in a respectful and courteous manner in observing the School’s regulations. By accepting the offer of admission to the School’s courses, students also accept that they will abide by the School's rules and regulations and its disciplinary procedures.

img_pt Class Schedule
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img_pt Medium of Instruction
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img_pt Special Weather Arrangement
For the School of Professional and Continuing Education
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For HKU SPACE Community College
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For HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College
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For HKU SPACE Applied Learning Courses
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img_pt Classroom Conduct
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img_pt Discretion and Discipline
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img_pt Transcripts
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img_pt Finance Assistance
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img_pt Replacement of Award Certificate
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img_pt Plagiarism
Plagiarism is a serious academic disciplinary offence. A student shall not engage in plagiarism in any form of work submitted for assessment or examination. A student who commits plagiarism is subject to disciplinary action taken by the School. The School adopts the HKU policy and practice for handling plagiarism. Students should read the booklet published by HKU carefully and be wary of the possibilities of committing the offence.    >> more details
img_pt Your Views
When students have comments such as complaints or compliments, they may write to the relevant Programme Leaders. In the communication, students need to clearly identify themselves. An anonymous letter or email shall not be dealt with. The School has established procedures to handle complaints.    >> more details