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Update on Class Attendance during COVID-19 Alert 有關 2019 冠狀病毒疫情期間之上課安排 - 最新通知
Mar 13, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020

In light of the latest development of the COVID-19 outbreak, please take note of the following arrangements:

(1)  Instruction of all lectures of Community College will be delivered online till 9 May 2020.  Students will be able to access online material while classes will carry on as per the schedule via ZOOM or virtual classroom.

(2)   Some part-time face-to-face classes will gradually resume from 2 March 2020 in our learning centres.  Online support will be provided to students wherever feasible.

(3)   Students are required to complete a Health Declaration Form with Notice to Student on Hygiene Requirements prior to class resumption.  As health and safety of the School community is paramount, students who fail to return the completed Health Declaration Form or fail to comply with the stated Hygiene Requirements will not be allowed to attend class / examination.

(4)   Students shall not enter the School campus if you develop fever or any respiratory symptoms.  While on the School campus, students are required to:

  • wear a mask
  • have temperature check
  • maintain good personal hygiene


Students are kindly invited to keep an eye on any updated information from our School website or Learner Portal.

Your attention and cooperation in this matter are appreciated.

13 March 2020




()  附屬學院之所有課堂將以網上教學模式進行,直至五月九日。學生可使用網上教材上課,而課堂將會以ZOOM或者虛擬教室模式,按原訂上課時間表進行。

()  部分兼讀制課程之面授課堂將逐步由三月二日起於教學中心復課。本學院會按需要為學生提供網上支援。

()  學生須於復課前向本學院提交已填妥之「健康申報表」並遵守有關學生通告之衞生要求。由於校園社區之健康及安全至為重要,如學生未能提交「健康申報表」或未能遵守所列之衞生要求,將不獲准出席課堂或考試。

()  如你出現發燒及任何呼吸道感染病徵,請不要進入本學院範圍。在本學院範圍內,學生需要︰

  • 戴上口罩
  • 量度體温
  • 保持良好的個人衛生